Aakashavaani Movie reviews: pretty attractive but bland

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Aakashavani is a drama film directed by Ashwin Gangaraju and is produced by Padmanabha Reddy while Kaala Bhairava Music for this film.Aakashavaani Trailer, Film to Premiere di Sonyliv pada 24 September.

Once upon a time, somewhere in deep forest, underwent a tribe, which was ruled by Zamindar which is obsessed with strength, cut off from the world with their own beliefs and sentiments. The villagers are brainwashed to believe never to pass the border of their village. One day, the radio found his place as a god speaking of their new.

Aakashavani Movie: Summary of the Movie

Review: 5.3/10

Direted By: Gangaraju Reynolds
Produced By:NONE
Written By:Screenplay:
Matt Lieberman
Zak Penn
Story by:
Matt Lieberman
Starring:Cast: Samuthirakani, Vinay Varma, Madhu
Production House:Berlanti Productions
21 Laps Entertainment
Maximum Effort
Lit Entertainment Group
TSG Entertainment
Distributed By:SONY LIV
Aakashavaani movie review
Image Credits: Youtube | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: SONY LIV

Review: Tollywood used to be synonymous with mass and old commercial content. Driving this idea is a new filmmaker like Ashwin Gangaraju, which raises existing stories other than Run-of-the-Mill. While it was quite large, it was an execution where Aakashaveani was intermittent.

Tribe Hamlet lives in the middle of a forest that is untouched by modern technology and is closed from the world. They believed in their tyrant leaders, Dora (Vinay Varma) was the messenger of Allah and worshiped the stone, hoping that their prayers would be answered someday. Ashwin weave the story of Aakashavani like a legend where the tribal clan has their own style to offer worship, their own legend about death, ‘star’ and even recipes for their own medicine. When a child from their hamlet, Gidda (Prashanth) found the radio thrown away and a school teacher called Chandram (Samuthirakan) came to the forest, their lives would never be the same again.

The stories of people who are oppressed by their tyrant leaders with the help of a protagonist are not new. But what’s new is that the radio becomes a protagonist who all knows from this unique story. That said, scenes involving the word radio should connect you but failed to get involved. Ashwin took most of the first half to introduce the oppressive tribal and Dora hamlet who liked to keep the clan in line with the help of fierce and brutal brutal. When the film entered the thickness, so hoping there was a drastic change but who never came.

Chandram is someone who believes, “Thappu Chesevadi Kanna, Chuse Vadidi Pedda Thappu.” (To be a spectator who is still worse than the crime.) Entering the forest carrying a step to the story left behind. Plotline about how it uses radio and the story of Prahalada to motivate tribes to the rebellion it is interesting. However, the lack of strong scenes made a dull and flat climax. Ashwin hopes you to invest in the whole tribe, not a certain person but it doesn’t work. Because every time you start thinking this will be a character going up, they are finally dying. It is not to say Ashwin does not take you to a different world at all. He managed to do that well.

Samuthirakani gave everything as usual, so was Vinay Varma in the role in his alley. Mime Madhu as Rangadu provides natural and prashanth performance when Gidda lends to all innocence. His miracle every time he found something new to add to a fairy tale. The rest of the actor also performs well. The main advantage of the film is the dialogue, which really makes you think. Suresh Cinematography Ragutu and Kaala Bhairava’smusic makes you addicted.

Final Words: Aakashavaani MOVIE

A new story for tollywood. One of the best films I’ve ever watched last. 👌.

The story is very gripped and the director made me sit for 2 hours 4 minutes without a boring or unnecessary scene. The characters played in the film are done very well. Hat to the director of debutant to choose a concept like this.


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