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What is BCA Full Inforrmation
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BCA :- After performing well in 12th, some things come in the mind of the students, they think in which field they should go now. Today there are many courses available in India and around the world. Which give a chance to the student to make future after 12th. Well today computer era has started and everyone is happy working on computer. Today the world has made so much progress that they work for crores sitting at home and that too with the help of mobile and computer, all this has happened today because of some good programmers and software makers, today many students make their future in computer field.

If anyone is considered to be the best course for them, then it is BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application), through this course the student can easily make his future in the computer field. In this article, we are going to give you complete information about BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications).

What is BCA?

The full name of BCA is – (Bachelor of Computer Application). Computer science and computer related information is given in this course. Also website design, application development and programming are taught. This course can also be done in any government college or private college, but keep in mind that taking admission in a good college can make your future better. BCA course is very good for those students who want to make their career in computer field. This course is of 3 years duration.

What is the qualification for doing BCA

The following qualifications are required to complete the BCA course. If a student has this qualification then he can take admission in BCA.

  • Passed 12th with 45% marks and more than 50% marks in English subject
  • Age should be above 17 years
  • Must have good performance in entrance exam
  • Must have interest in computer related subjects
  • Knowledge of English language, because all its subjects are in English, then it is very important for you

BCA course duration and fees

If a student wants to make his future in computer field, then BCA is the best course for him. If we talk about the fees and duration of BCA course then they are like this.

Duration – This course is of 3 years duration and is taught according to the semester. In this, you will be made aware of all the information related to computer science so that you can make your good future.

Fees – You can do this course from both government and private colleges. The fee for doing this course in a government college is around Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000. Whereas in private colleges, this fee can be increased from 15 to 50 thousand. It varies by college and state.

BCA Syllabus and Topics

We have already told that in BCA every information related to computer will be shared with you, with the help of which you can become a good programmer or web designer. In this you will be made to study these subjects.

  • c programming
  • visual Basic
  • systems analysis and design
  • Organizational Behavior
  • computer fundamentals
  • Computer lab and practical work
BCA Course full information
BCA Course full information

What are we taught in BCA course?

In this course, a candidate doing BCA course is taught many techniques related to computer for his future.


  • Computer basics are explained.
  • Programming language is taught, through which the candidate can create any kind of program.
  • Software development is taught.
  • Web design and how to build a website are explained.
  • Networking information is provided.

What can I do after BCA?

If the candidate successfully completes BCA, then he wants to make his future even brighter in the computer field, then he can also do such courses as: MCA, MBM (MBA) and M.SC.

Career after doing BCA

After completing BCA, the candidate has many job options. As you and we understand that today is the computer world and every work is being done by computer, so a BCA degree holder is needed in every field. If he wants, he can make any kind of online business or web development and software manufacturing company himself. Apart from this, he can earn good money by becoming a freelancer for the country and abroad.

Jobs after doing BCA

As we mentioned above that the candidate can make his own company after BCA if he wants. Apart from this, he has many job options.


  • You can apply for developer job in software development company.
  • You can apply for jobs in any multimedia company.
  • Can apply for the job of Computer Operator and System Operator.
  • You can do the job of Programming Assistant.
  • Can act as a kiosk in the banking line.
  • Can work as Computer Operator in Bank and as Server Management.
  • You can do freelancer jobs for the country and abroad.

After completing BCA, the candidate has many such opportunities where he can work. Today is the beginning of computer era and you also know that in the coming time everything is going to be computer. In such a situation, the demand of computer operator is going to be highest, so this course is very beneficial for those people who have interest in computer. Do let us know how you liked this information. Stay with us to know about more such courses.

Some Important Questions (FAQs) related to BCA

If there is no mathematics in 12th, then how to do BCA course?

To do BCA you should have 50% in 12th and 50% in English then you can take admission in any college comfortably.

Which computer course would be right before doing BCA.

You do not need to do any course to do BCA, you will study everything in BCA. If you have interest in any then you can do basic computer course.

Can I do B.Tech after BCA?

Not at all, after BCA you can do MCA or MBM.

Can I do BA after BCA?

Absolutely not, you can do either of the two as both the courses are bachelor degree. After BCA, you can do MCA or MBM.

Can one become IAS from BCA course?

After BCA, you can prepare for IAS and pass the IAS exam.

Can I do BCA course privately?

Yes you can, study from here.

Can there be admission in private without TC and migration.

Absolutely not, this document is necessary for taking admission, without this admission cannot be done.

Can go Abroad after BCA.

Yes you can go.

What is Full Form of BCA

BCA :- Bachelor of Computer Application

Time Duration for BCA Course

BCA Course Duration – 3 year

What is the eligibility for doing BCA

12th Pass 45% marks

BCA for arts students

Yes arts student doing BCA.

BCA for Commerce students

Yes commerce student doing BCA.

Can I do BCA without Maths In Maths in IGNOU

YES you can do BCA Without Maths.

What is BCA full information

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