15 Best Anime Film ratings (according to IMDB)

Best Anime Film
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While the series often took the spotlight, the anime had also produced several fantastic films. Here are 15 of the best anime films, according to IMDB.

Wolf children and castles in the sky
The word “anime” is very often associated with “anime series,” which is undoubtedly very loved and attracts more fans every day. However, diving into the anime series can prove itself as a commitment as some of the most popular calculating 100 episodes. Although some series are shorter, no less amazing can be found if someone takes the time to do a little excavation, someone needs to be ready to invest much time to this world.

Easy solution to take the first step to a very rich and diverse world will switch to anime film. To make this process easier, here is a list of the 10 best anime films of all time, according to IMDB.

Updated by Saim Cheeda on January 28, 2021: Best Anime film requests have risen last year or more, since streaming services have become so ordinary. Naturally, viewers look for the best films to start their party. While critical success cannot be used, the majority of viewers today prefer the opinions of fellow cinema viewers. This is why IMDB rankings become more valuable, because they reflect the opinions of the general public rather than critics. By remembering this, this list has been updated to add a few more films that form the rest of the list of the best viewed anime to be released.


Dragon Ball Super: Broly – 7.9

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Dragon Ball Super: Broly – 7.9

Introducing an antagonist named Broly, the film was well received especially because of the expansion of Super Saiyan Lore brought. With Vegeta and Goku in the main form, the battle here benefits from the cinematic budget.

Because of this, Super Dragon Ball: Broly managed to thrill fans with a unique mixture of cinematography and high octane action. Given that it is the film Dragoneth Dragon, the praise is an achievement.


Whisper Of The Heart – 7.9

whisper of the heart full movie
whisper of the heart full movie

The anime has been taken into too many action genres in the last or more decade. Back on that day, the whisper of the heart was a film like that which lured the audience because of the romantic comedy trop involved.

That, coupled with a very preferred character, making this a windy watch that must be entertaining even those who generally don’t watch anime. The love story between nerds and violin makers, this is the best choice for playing.


Ghost In The Shell – 8.0

In a futuristic setting, this story follows the Cyborg security agent who is pursuing a hacker. Not only ghosts in the shell present intense actions and solid characters, it has many thematic qualities such as ethical and self-identity.

It helps that visual movies are in premium, because actions are carried out with extraordinary details provided by cinematography. More than anything, viewers like fast-paced styles that give ghosts in the shell.


The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya – 8.0

Guaranteed, this film is specifically designed to get tears from viewers. It must have succeeded, when mysterious Kaguya’s daughter arrived to bring joy to her lifelifies’ lives, just to be lowered as spirits.

His efforts to integrate in humanity were the main driver of the plot, even though the connection he created with the people around him showed how emotions were felt and appreciated. This film is even nominated for the Academy Award.


Castle In The Sky – 8.0

Castle In The Sky
Castle In The Sky

An absolute blockbuster returned when released, the castle in the sky was a technical miracle in the 80s which brought amazing sites into a movie watching experience. It tells the story of a son and girl in the 19th century and their hopes of finding titular castles in the sky.

Another reason for watching movies is the one-liner available, with a dialogue that reflects the characterization of the protagonist and carved their roles only through their conversation.


Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind – 8.1

The first anime film in this list is one of Hayao Miyazaki’s first film and is still very loved today. Released in 1984, Nausicaa from the Valley of the Wind told the story of a touch of a young daughter who dedicated her life to better understand the world she lived.

A thousand years before this story, apocalyptic war caused by industrial growth and human technology destroyed civilization and gave birth to toxic forests that have spread to most of the world. While Nusicaa believes in sharing this world, others aim to ride planet of this toxic forest force.


Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End Of Evangelion – 8.1

Although many reboot, retelling and the end of the alternative which makes it a little difficult to follow, neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most popular Mecha series, and for good reasons.

Even though it seems that it seems only a good old Mecha series, neon Genesis turned out to be a very dark story that explores deep and complex subjects such as depression. Neon Genesis Evangelion: End of Evangelion serves as an alternative that ends the original series and takes right after the 24th episode.


Wolf Children – 8.1

The film followed Hana, a single mother raised two half-human children, half a very strange wolf after the death of their wolf’s father. It is difficult to raise small children alone, Hana’s task is translated even more complicated because she also has to hide the true nature of her children from the world because they have not been able to control their abilities.

Wolf children are very sweet and moving films full of magic and hope that will definitely leave the sign.


My Neighbour Totoro – 8.2

My Neighbour Totoro
My Neighbour Totoro

For anyone who even knows a bit of anime film, it won’t be surprising to find some of the Ghibli film studios listed here, and even less surprising to see that most of the Ghibli studio film was directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Of course, all the films are just as amazing and worth watching, but some stand out more.

Although not ranked the highest, my neighbor Totoro without a doubt the most famous Miyazaki film, and someone did not need to see a film to recognize adorable creatures and oh-so soft.


Howl’s Movie Castle – 8.2

Castle Moving is Howl inspired by the novel from the same title written by British writer Diana Wynne Jones. This story is located in a world where the magic and the 20th century-century in and the war between the two royal royal.

A young woman named Sophie was condemned by a magician to undergo the rest of her life as an old woman. Sophie looked for the help of a magician named Howl who was also in the heart of the resistance to the king of tyranny.


A Silent Voice – 8.2

Released in 2017, a silent voice took the world with a storm and made himself a place between the extrared and most loved anime films of all time. Even though the design is bright and colorful, the silent sound tells a deep, emotional, and strong story that takes the audience through the emotional rollercoaster.

The film explores a very deep and difficult subject such as suicide and intimidation. A silent voice followed two children through high school and secondary school when they struggled to find their place in the world and learn that each of their actions had deeper and darker consequences than they thought.


Princess Mononoke – 8.4

Princess Mononoke - 8.4
Princess Mononoke – 8.4

In his efforts to find medicine to condemn him, Prince Ashitaka found himself trapped in the war between the gods of forests and humans. Throughout his journey, he met a young woman named San, who was raised by the wolf and seemed to be more than a wild animal than a human.

Together, they will struggle to protect God forest from corruption brought by humans and their hunger for power. While Princess Mononoke is quite graphic and targets a more mature audience, it must be seen.


Your Name – 8.4

In the third position is a fairly new film that immediately claimed the heart all who saw it. Released in 2016 and directed by Makoto Shinkai, your name tells the story of a boy from Tokyo named Taki and a girl named Mitsuha from a small town, who suddenly and cannot be explained.

This film is an absolute masterpiece, from a beautiful soundtrack for extraordinary animation and, of course, his unique story holding the audience from the first second.


Grave Of The Fireflies – 8.5

At the peak of World War II, Seita and Ms. Setuko died of severe burns after their homes were bombed. Seita, a teenage boy, and his sister Setsuko was abandoned without guardians and did the best to survive alone in this frightening world.

Even though the cemetery is more than deserving high ranking, it is important to know that this film dives deeply some difficult and sensitive subjects. As beautiful as the film, someone must prepare to enter this very sad, intense and intimate story.


Spirited Away – 8.6

In the first place is the phenomenon of films and one that defeats a number of records. Far spirited is the most successful film in Japanese history and receives universal praise. Spirited Away is the first non-English non-English film, and still, to win the Academy Award for the best animation features.

The story that happened at this age in Alice in the World of Wonderland-Esque was filled with spirits and beings, and was one of the most beautiful and interesting anime films ever made.

What is the top 1 anime film?

1 Demon Slayer: Mugen Train 2020

Who is the best anime film?

1. Spirited Away
2. Grave of the Fireflies
3. Your Name
4. Princess Mononoke
5. A Silent Voice

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