Bridge Course Pdf full 2022

Bridge Course Pdf full 2022
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Today in this post we are going to write Bridge Course Pdf full 2022 ( Bridge Course Pdf ) Friends, all these are written for class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. I hope reading this post will be of great help to you.

Bridge Course Pdf full 2022

The Bridge Course is a special kind of program started for class 2 to 10. Students searching for the bridge course syllabus, books and other course-related materials can read the full article and check out the direct link available for the PDF of the bridge course from Class 2 to 10.

Bridge course for class 2 to class 10 has been started by SCERT inaugurated by Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad for the students. This initiative has been taken due to the lockdown situation as the students were not able to attend the classes. The Bridge Course is a 45-day long course with 3 trials. It is designed in such a way that students can understand the syllabus of previous class and syllabus of next class. Bridge Course PDF for all subjects from class 2 to 10 is available here. Students can download Bridge Course PDF for English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Marathi and Social Science by clicking on the link.

Bridge Course Pdf full 2022

There was also a demand for such courses from the parents as offline classes could not be conducted due to the pandemic. Due to which the students were not able to study properly. This step has been taken for the students so that they do not miss out on essential things they learned in their previous class. Here, each day given to the students is based on an assessment that they have to solve.

Bridge Course for Class 2 to 10 PDF

This initiative is undertaken to connect the students with the curriculum of their previous class.

  • These include Mathematics, English, Science, Social Science, Marathi, Hindi.
  • They have to solve these exams offline / online. If any student has any problem they can seek the help of their teachers or parents.
  • Teachers should keep a record of their tests.
  • There will be one assessment every 15 days for a period of 45 days, three assessments will be done at the end of the exam.
  • Includes daily worksheets
  • Strengthen the basic foundation of children.
  • This will help the students to regain the academic knowledge of their previous class so that when they join the new class they will not be bothered by not taking education in their previous class.
  • Every student in the state benefits from the initiative taken by the state government.
  • Important Every important topic will be covered.


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