Free Guy Movie Review: A Light Hearted Fun Ride

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Free Guy Movie is a science fiction-comedy film released on August 13, 2021 in the USA, but in India, it was released on September 17, 2021. Free Guy film is directed by Shawn Levy, starring Ryan Renolds in the main character.

Free Guy Movie is based on video games called free city, and one day one of the non-playing characters (NPC) develops awareness and starts acting at its free will. Free Guy Movie has become the fifth film this year to cross the $ 300 million sign on the box-office.

Free Guy | Official Trailer | 20th Century Studios

Free Guy Most got positive reviews of criticism, and fans also seemed to like this film. Free Guy films are still running successfully in theaters. Because of the ongoing pandemic, the release of the film is postponed by one year, and also reducing occupancy in the cinema had an impact on film collection.

Free Guy Movie: Summary of the Movie

Review: 7.2/10

Direted By:Shawn Levy
Produced By:Ryan Reynolds
Shawn Levy
Sarah Schechter
Greg Berlanti
Adam Kolbrenner
Written By:Screenplay:
Matt Lieberman
Zak Penn
Story by:
Matt Lieberman
Starring:Ryan Reynolds
Jodie Comer
Lil Rel Howery
Utkarsh Ambudkar
Joe Keery
Taika Waititi
Production House:Berlanti Productions
21 Laps Entertainment
Maximum Effort
Lit Entertainment Group
TSG Entertainment
Distributed By:20th Century Studios
Free Guy Movie rev

Free Guy’s film starts in a free city, where the person tells the story from his point of view, and he illustrates that how people wear glasses are a hero and can do all the heroic things in free cities.

Guy who follows the same routine in his life every day and only wears a shirt and blue trousers, and drinks the same coffee every day from the same cafe. He worked at the bank and only had one friend who was a bank security guard.

Guy was a lonely person and waited for the perfect girl in his life, and one day he saw Molotov’s girl, aka Millie Rusk, and he was immediately interested in the girl. One day a theft occurred in his bank, and he saw the Molotov girl who passed outside the bank.

Guy went back with a bank robber and took his glass, who killed the person soon, and then when Guy turned on the glasses, he saw some strange things that could only be seen by glasses.

Guy followed Molotov’s girl, but he was hit by a train and was killed, but he woke up again at his house and returned to the same daily routine in his life. This time the man behaved differently, and other people in the city began to look at him strangely.

Guy finally met Molotov’s girl. Molotov’s girl thought that a man was also a player in the game and told him that he had to go up and then only he would talk to him. Guy decided to be a good man and began to do good deeds in the city, which made his level grow rapidly.

Unexpected Cameos: Free Guy Movie (Spoiler Alert!)

Free Guy also have some unexpected Cameos, which adds more stars in kitty films. Free Guy is a very entertaining film and the cameos It feature adds more entertainment to it.

Channing Tatum:

Channing Tatum is a cameo feature for the longest time in the film. Channing Tatum is the first hero displayed in the film at the beginning of the film. Channing Tatum plays the Character of the Revenjamin button.

Chris Evans:

Chris Evans is the second best cameo in the film after the Cameo Channing Tatum. There is an avenger reference several times in free Guy films. Even Channing Tatum refers to Thanos when he met first with Guy.


There are many youtubers who comeo in the film and play the fictional version of them in the film. These youtubers increase game popularity like Free City by having live broadcasts on their YouTube channels.

Free Guy Movie
Free Guy Movie

Avengers and Star Wars Reference:

In the free Guy Guy film, there is a reference for Avengers and Star Wars in the film climax, and all this reference is very entertaining to be seen in the film. This reference and callback from Avengers and Star Wars made us chuckle uncontrollably.

Guy is a character who just found the strength and ability he could have after wearing glasses. Ryan Renolds is a very talented actor and when it comes to comedy Ryan Renolds knows how to entertain fans. And he seems to be this technique, and in this film too, he managed to provide perfect sci-fi comedy.

Final Words: Free Guy Movie

In the last words, free Guy film must be worth watching. Free Guy is a stress buster, and if you want to spend time from a stressful job or routine, then the free Guy film functions as a stressbuster.

Free Guy is a definite entertainer and must have been on your list if you are looking for refreshment and want to relax in your mind.

Is this the best movie Ryan Renolds?

No. This is not the best film Ryan renolds because the time the comic is lost somewhere I feel

Did Chris Evans Cameo play old?

No. Cameo Chris Evans just for a moment

If Free Guy Movie Entertaining?

Yes, Oviously is very entertaining. You can watch it, I recommend you.

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