My best friend 10 lines English

My best friend 10 lines English
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Today in this post we are going to write My best friend 10 lines English (My best friend ). Friends, all these are written for class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. I hope reading this post will be of great help to you.

Friends play the most important role in our life. When we need such a person whom we can speak our mind, then only a friend is there. Which can tell every condition of the heart.

Friends are always ready to help us out in trouble and at all times, so we must make a true and good friend in our life, so friends, today we will write My best friend 10 lines on , so without wasting any time let’s start. Is.

My best friend 10 lines English

  1. My best friend’s name is Suresh. He studies in my class.
  2. We both are friends since childhood. His house is near my house.
  3. He loves to play cricket. He is the captain of our team.
  4. Along with sports, he is also very good in studies.
  5. He is fair in appearance and very intelligent.
  6. He is of very amusing and cheerful nature.
  7. He respects elders and always helps others.
  8. Because of his qualities, everyone likes him very much.
  9. We go to school together everyday. And come together on vacation.
  10. I am proud to be his best friend. I wish that our friendship remains like this.
My best friend 10 lines English
My best friend 10 lines English


  1. My name is Pintu and my dearest friend’s name is Anshu.
  2. I am a student of class four and my friend studies with me in my class only.
  3. Me and friend Anshu keep coming together where.
  4. Me and Anshu do tiffin together.
  5. Me and Anshu my friend also go home together.
  6. Anshu supports me a lot.
  7. My dear friend Anshu is very good at cricket.
  8. Anshu teaches me cricket too.
  9. My dear friend Anshu does not support wrong things.
  10. I love my friend very much.

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