Short essay on Pollution easy writing

Short essay on Pollution easy writing
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Today in this post we are going to write Short essay on Pollution easy writing 100-200 words (about Pollution essay ). Friends, all these are written for class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. I hope reading this post will be of great help to you.

Today, the problem of environmental pollution is not limited to India but extends to the whole world. Today, every parent should make their children aware of the different types of pollution, the causes of pollution and the remedies.

The biggest problem in the world we live in today is pollution. This pollution is born out of the empire of dirt that is spread around us. Not only human beings are trapped in the grip of this pollution but all living beings and even the living creatures are facing the adverse effects.

Pollution has increased so much in the last few decades that human life is in danger. If this problem is not taken seriously, then the day is not far away when every day pollution will kill someone and one day the very existence of this world will be extinct. “Short essay on Pollution easy writing”

Short essay on Pollution easy writing
Short essay on Pollution easy writing

Short essay on Pollution easy writing

When pollutants enter the perimeter of nature and harm the environment, so the natural balance is completely disturbed and man does not get clean air, clean water and calm environment, it is called pollution.

This pollution causes many serious problems. Not only does this affect our daily lives but many serious diseases are caused by pollution. This has led to problems like global warming. Today man uses many comfortable, comfy devices for his comfortable life, but it also disturbs the balance of nature and pollution has reached its climax.

Today’s advances in science and technology have led to a huge increase in human capabilities and human beings have become entangled in the pleasures of these devices. He is so used to these momentary pleasures that he cannot even imagine his life without them. “Short essay on Pollution easy writing

Paragraph about pollution 100-200 words

The effects of pollution are well known! There is a need to know its causes and symptoms and treat it permanently. If students understand this serious problem in school life, then in future they will become intelligent citizens and implement measures to reduce pollution.

This type of pollution is pollution created in the environment! There are mainly two types of pollution, one is water pollution and the other is air pollution! Currently noise and land pollution is also plaguing human beings.

The effects of pollution may not have been so severe, but we are moving far away from nature and the open environment due to the growing uncontrolled population, the rush to meet their needs and the pursuit of wasteful development and over-technology.

Let’s look at air pollution first. We breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. But the amount of carbon and other toxic gases in the air has increased a lot. So the air is polluted. As a result, you lose contact with clean air.

The city has seen a huge increase in population. While meeting their basic needs, nature suffers a great deal. Air pollution is also caused by numerous vehicles and the huge chemical industry. “Short essay on Pollution easy writing”

Short essay on Pollution easy writing

To show the population dynamic and advanced, cars, industries, various types of factories were started. Out of which harmful gases released are becoming harmful to the body and the environment.

Today we are looking for the health that is easily available in nature in the hospital. The ozone layer is depleted as unwanted gases are not absorbed by nature. Humans are suffering from its effects through many disorders.

Now the second issue is water pollution! Since water is an essential element for survival, its pollution is not desirable for living beings. Today only natural resources like rivers, streams, springs are getting polluted. The reason is urbanization and industrialization and the resulting waste management! “Short essay on Pollution easy writing”

When landfills are disposed of, waste is dumped directly near river and water sources. As a result, it decomposes in water and the water becomes contaminated. Sewage from factories, chemicals are also easily discharged into the water.

Everyone suffers the consequences of water pollution at the expense of health. The need for water is also increasing due to the growing population. Measures are taken to provide clean water but no one is cleaning the big water sources. Their pollution is rampant.

Human unrealistic material pleasures and the prospect of technological advancement have led to the growth of physical devices and industries, but they have also increased the noise in the atmosphere. As a result, noise pollution is on the rise.

Land pollution is also a form of pollution. Symptoms include declining soil texture and soil erosion. Land pollution is also on the rise due to deforestation and use and disposal of chemicals. “Short essay on Pollution easy writing


  • Pollution of any kind is harmful. So there is a need to think about the problem of pollution and this will be possible only when the whole society is united in its commitment to keep the environment clean and make our earth green by planting as many trees as possible.
  • It is also important to use vehicles as little as possible.
  • Large scale industrial plants should be set up outside the city without starting near the city so that the city dwellers have to face less pollution problem.
  • Plant as many trees as possible in your area and take care of them till the tree grows big.
  • Proper disposal of waste is also very important.
  • Encourage farmers to switch to organic farming by minimizing the use of pesticides.
  • Keep the environment clean and sterile.
  • Strict rules (according to environment) should be made for big industries.

Pollution has become the biggest problem of today’s age. It is beginning to have an adverse effect on human health. Drinking water sources are getting polluted. If the problem of pollution is not controlled in time, we will have to pay a huge price in the future.

Therefore, there is a need to create awareness among the people by being vigilant in time. Encourage people to plant as many trees as possible by organizing camps at various places. Keep the atmosphere clean, heal your earth! Short essay on Pollution easy writing

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