Sally Beauty's COVID-19 crisis strategy that worked!

Sally Beauty is a beauty-products retailer with over 5,000 locations in 17 countries. It may be found in Chile, Mexico, and Peru in Latin America.

By joining forces with VTEX to build their digital channel in January 2019. they entered the Chilean market by purchasing InterSalon in 2009.

Today. they have 36 physical locations as well as fiourishing e-commerce.

Sally Beauty's COVID-19 crisis strategy that worked!

It has been a success to work with VTEX, particularly during high-demand occasions like CyberMonday, CyberDay. and Black Friday.

Beauty's e-commerce manager points out the local assistance and other resources that make managing the online business easier.

When the Covid-19 crisis hit Chile, Sally Beauty was no exception, as the company witnessed a spike in sales but also had to deal with the logistical issues presented by the circumstance.

60% of Sally Beauty's online consumers are new customers during the crisis is noteworthy. Because of the shift in the most lucrative sales categories, the average ticket price has also shifted.