Write a short note on AIDS in English

Write a short note on AIDS in English
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Today in this post we are going to write Write a short note on AIDS in English 100-120 words (AIDS eassy ). Friends, all these are written for class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. I hope reading this post will be of great help to you.

Write a short note on AIDS in English

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or more suitable known as AIDS is a life-threatening disease. It is one of the most dreaded conditions of the 20th century. AIDS is caused by HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus, which attacks the resistant system of the human body. It has, so far, completed more than twenty-nine million lives all over the world. Since its discovery, AIDS has scattered around the world like wildfire. It is due to the continued efforts of the Government and non-government organizations; AIDS awareness has stood spread to the many.

The most unfortunate part of suffering from AIDS is that there is no permanent cure for it as of yet. However, there is the treatment to help keep the level of CD4 cells high and reduce the amount of virus in the body. This means that once someone has been diagnosed with AIDS, they must be extremely careful living their life and follow their treatment to the dot so that they can live the best lives possible for them in that situation.

Write a short note on AIDS in English
Write a short note on AIDS in English

Many celebrities have also been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, such as actor Charlie Sheen, singer Freddie Mercury, comedian Steve Moore (who even made an HBO special about it), among several others. HIV/AIDS activism is a relatively new concept that calls for the normalization and DE stigmatization of positive individuals. While HIV/AIDS is a terrible disease to take people over, it is a must to remember that there is always hope, even on the darkest days.

Write a short note on AIDS

AIDS is a public health problem, perhaps the most significant in history. The AIDS epidemic reached its peak in 2005 and has been declining ever since, with 37 million people worldwide still HIV positive. In addition, as of 2017, AIDS is responsible for 41.5 million deaths out of 28.9 million worldwide. It is very important to create awareness about this disease. That is why WHO celebrates World AIDS Day as one of the eight official global campaigns.

Early Symptoms – Not everyone shows signs of being HIV positive at this stage. However, 80 percent of HIV-positive people do not have flu-like symptoms. These symptoms usually include chills, fever, muscle aches, joint pain, night sweats, sore throat, red spots, enlarged glands, weakness, fatigue, thrush and weight loss. However, these symptoms also appear when the body is fighting another viral infection. Therefore, people who have recently been exposed to HIV should get tested immediately.

Asymptomatic HIV – After the onset of symptoms, HIV-positive people show no other symptoms for months, even years. This does not mean that the virus is dormant. This is when the virus attacks CD4 cells and weakens the immune system. Without proper medication, the process continues even when the person has no symptoms.

Late-stage symptoms – In this stage, the immune system is already weakened by the virus, which causes a person to fall prey to many infections, from mild to severe, and to lose the ability to fight them. This stage is known as AIDS. Symptoms of this condition include chronic diarrhea, blurred vision, fever, dry cough for weeks, persistent fatigue, night sweats, swollen glands for weeks, shortness of breath or shortness of breath, white spots on the face and tongue, and weight loss. It is possible. “Write a short note on AIDS in English”

Write a short note on AIDS in English
Write a short note on AIDS in English


When a patient finds out that he is HIV positive, he finds it difficult to control himself. However, with the treatment now available to stop the spread of the disease, HIV patients can still live long, healthy and productive lives.

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